Pine River Bucks Football
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Website Credits & Dedication

The Pine River Football website was created by former Pine River head football coach Chad Phillips. Coach Phillips saw a need to create a sense of history and connectedness between current Pine River football players and those who came before them. It was also created to promote Pine River football.

While the research, coding, and design of the page was done by Chad Phillips, it couldn't have been done without the help of many people and organizations. Some of the people to thank include: All those who served at some point on the yearbook staff, their pictures and stories helped get the project started. The librarians who kept a scrap book each year from the local papers into the mid 2000's. The Cadillac News and the Pioneer Press who covered the Bucks throughout the years. Former coaches Mike Bulger and Tom Roy who dug up old information, along with other coaches who had the foresight to both take stats and keep the stat books around as a resource. Retired athletic director Roger Rush who has brought a level of record keeping to the job that hadn't previously existed. The various people who have taken pictures over the years including Lifetouch Studios and Geskus Photography.

Finally, a special thanks to those who participated in Pine River football throughout the years. Instead of being a person who just roamed the halls, you committed yourself to something difficult but special. This website is dedicated to you.

Note: Chad Phillips began a website design business called Fity-Six Digital. Fifty-Six Digital maintains this site.